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Mask Ultra is available in size M, which is suitable for men.

In following weeks will be available size S, as well as size L of the mask Ultra. Size S will be suitable for women and size L will fit men with a larger type of face.

The Smart Komfort mask in size S is suitable for children and women.

The Smart Komfort mask in size M/L is suitable for men.

The SK1 mask in size L/XL is recommended for men with a heavier type of face.

The package contains: a mask, a rubber loop for tying and 30 filters.

All information regarding delivery times are available directly at the Amazon page (see  Shop).  The delivery time is affected by the destination country. 

Unless noted otherwise in the ordering pipeline, GEVORKYAN dispatches all items within two days of receiving an order. You will receive notification of any delay or cancellation of your order.  

Please, be aware that the delivery time may vary depending on the volume of orders and the congestion of shipping companies due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to several sources, disposable masks and textile masks protect the environment from droplets with the virus exhaled by the wearer, but they provide virtually no protection for the wearer himself.

A surgical disposable mask is standardized protection that already prevents droplets from penetrating in both directions, as it is made of filtering and hydrophobic material. However, it has the disadvantage that it does not fit snugly to the face and needs to be changed every few hours.

A respirator is a technical product designed to filter inhaled air, which protects against dangerous solid particles in the form of dust, aerosols, vapours, etc. The degree of protection is determined by the filtration class (FFP1-3), but they are not hydrophobic materials. The use of respirators as an alternative solution is recommended in all pandemic guidelines.

Our masks are medical products. The elastomeric material enables easy disinfection with alcohol or in the microwave. They don’t have to be thrown away after a few days, just replace the filter. In everyday life, we can touch one of these masks, put it down and put it back on without the risk of contamination from the virus on our hands. The mask can also be used by multiple people after disinfection.

The problem with FFP3 respirators is that it is a technical product designed to filter only inhaled air. Therefore, it is recommended to cover the respirator with a cloth mask to protect the people in the vicinity.

The WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines state that a cloth mask or respirator must be dry and must be replaced after it becomes damp. Gevokyan masks are made of an elastomeric material that does not get wet. The filter also does not touch the face and stays dry throughout the day.